Our biodiversity and pristine growing
environment, make NZ an ideal place to
develop and manufacture innovative
new ingredients
Our commitment to
sustainability is underpinned
by developing ingredients that
are reliable, abundant and
Our connections to research
and world class science allows
us to deliver on excellence
Dedicated to developing
truly credible ingredients
the New Zealand way

Apura Green

This new and novel fat replacer and humectant is derived from kiwifruit; its soluble and insoluble dietary fibre components add additional functionality to finished food and beverage goods.

Apura Green is so special that not only is it sourced from 100% pure NZ, it is 100% pure in its make-up. It was born out of market demand for a healthier, natural alternative to traditional food and beverage ingredients.
Apura Green offers food manufacturers the ability to deliver a quality sensory experience and endless possibilities to new product development.
Apura Green is produced from sustainable resources ensuring responsibility and care is taken for long term production and without depleting the natural source.