Our biodiversity and pristine growing
environment, make NZ an ideal place to
develop and manufacture innovative
new ingredients
Our commitment to
sustainability is underpinned
by developing ingredients that
are reliable, abundant and
Our connections to research
and world class science allows
us to deliver on excellence
Dedicated to developing
truly credible ingredients
the New Zealand way


Standardized Kiwifruit Ingredient for RegularityActazin is sourced from NZ’s natural, pristine environment. It is so natural that every aspect of the brand from its inception, through to its scientific discovery, to the compelling little natural supplement it becomes, Actazin lives to transform lives through its vitality.

The potential for wellbeing through this innovation is so compelling that it can help the 15% of the US population currently suffering from gut issues. Like other Anagenix products, Actazin is underpinned by R&D and is sourced from a sustainable supply chain.