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Natural Support for Stressed Lungs


Poor air quality, associated with increasingly industrialised and urban societies, is creating a growing global health concern as it is linked to respiratory distress and was estimated to have caused 3.7 million premature deaths worldwide in 2012.

Irritants and allergens entering the airways can lead to lung inflammation, increasing oxidative stress and resulting in damage to the lung tissue, particularly with chronic exposure.

New Zealand Boysenberry for Lung Care

Using three in vivo models, mice were exposed to an antigen (via the nose), which caused inflammation, increased immune cell recruitment and mucus production, and tissue damage in the lungs.

Mice fed a dose of New Zealand’s polyphenolic-rich boysenberries were found to not only have reduced inflammation, immune cell infiltration and mucus production in the lungs, but the damaged lung tissue was returned to a healthy state. Boysenberry assisted in the repair of damaged tissue by supporting fibrolytic macrophages - a type of immune cell.

The improvements observed with boysenberry consumption have consistently been shown in three separate in vivo models – acute, chronic therapeutic and chronic repair/recovery.

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