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Apura Green

The New Zealand kiwifruit paste that improves the nutritional profile of food, drink and cooking products

Apura Green is a natural, whole-fruit product that can be used in food and drink products to replace fat, sugar and salt. It’s a smart way to make a product more nutritionally appealing, while still maintaining a delicious taste and texture.

Anagenix has taken Apura Green to the world as an ingredient for cakes, cookies, breads, pastry, seasonings, marinades, nutritional bars, fruit juices, fruit fillings, fruit preserves, sauces, dressings, gravies and soups.

In today's health conscious world, the benefits are compelling:

Reduces fat, salt and sugar content

Apura Green allows the reduction of egg, dairy, butter and cooking oils, to reduce calories and improve the nutritional profile of end products.

Extends shelf life

Using Apura Green as an ingredient helps to extend the shelf life of baked goods. Our research shows that Apura Green can extend the shelf life of cookies by 26 days.

Adds goodness

Apura Green has naturally high levels of vitamins C and K, and dietary fibre.

Improves texture and appearance

A natural humectant, Apura Green creates softer, higher-moisture baked products that taste fresh for longer.

Easy to use and affordable

Apura Green is a simple drop-in ingredient that is highly cost-effective.

Clean label

Within your ingredients list, Apura Green can be listed as ‘kiwifruit paste’, which is more attractive to consumers than a scientific descriptor or number.

A natural ingredient made with care

Apura Green is made entirely from fully-mature green kiwifruit grown in non-GMO New Zealand orchards. The whole fruit are gently processed into a seedless, skinless puree that is concentrated to produce a smooth, dark green paste with a final Brix of 40. All processing is carried out in New Zealand following GMP protocols.

Apura Green is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • GRAS with no preservatives or additives
  • Water soluble

Talk about your ideas for Apura Green

Apura Green is sold globally through a network of distributors who understand its benefits, properties and applications. Contact us to locate the distributor nearest you.