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Enhances well-being through bowel regularity

Actazin website

Actazin is a cold-pressed powdered kiwifruit concentrate that was developed in 2011 by Anagenix, based on their research conducted in partnership with Plant & Food Research New Zealand, a science institute owned by the New Zealand government.

Anagenix has taken Actazin to the world as an ingredient for supplements and functional foods. It offers consumers a number of digestive health benefits:

Improved bowel regularity

Actazin is a natural source of prebiotics, fibre, enzymes and polyphenols, which support normal bowel function. It’s a gentle alternative to harsh laxatives.

Better intestinal health

For those who are taking a probiotic or want to boost their natural population of ‘good’ gut bacteria, Actazin is an exciting natural prebiotic that helps by feeding beneficial microflora.

Enhanced protein digestion

The kiwi-unique enzyme actinidin found in Actazin assists protein digestion, helping people to avoid that uncomfortable ‘overfull’ feeling after a protein-rich meal.

A natural bioactive product created with precision and care

Actazin is made entirely from Non-GMO Project verified green kiwifruit. The kiwifruit are gently processed into a seedless, skinless puree that is dried and finely milled. Proprietary processing and drying techniques ensure levels of key nutrients and bioactives are retained. Actazin is gluten-free, free of preservatives and solvents, free of added sugars and certified to be kosher and halal.

Add Actazin to add value

There are many ways to take Actazin to market. It can be an ingredient for green food blends, digestive health formulas, fruit and vege formulas, whole food vitamin and mineral complexes, enzyme formulations, superfruit products, fibre formulations and probiotic formulations. Some use Actazin as a stand alone product.

Visit the Actazin consumer site

To nurture global interest in products that use Actazin as an ingredient, we’ve developed a consumer website. Our site explains what Actazin is, how it can help and where to find products that contain it. The site also provides general digestive health tips. Visit the Actazin consumer website.

Talk about your ideas for Actazin

Actazin is sold globally through a network of distributors who understand its health benefits, properties and applications. Contact us to locate the distributor nearest you.

Dr Richard Gearry, Professor of Medicine (University of Otago) and Gastroenterologist discusses the science of naturally-sourced supplements within the context of a modern diet.

Dr Juliet Ansell, Plant & Food Research New Zealand discusses the benefits of prebiotics on probiotic effectiveness.

Dr Juliet Ansell, Plant & Food Research New Zealand discusses Actazin and digestive health.