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About Us

About Us

In New Zealand, geography, science and commercial savvy have conspired to create the ‘perfect storm’ for science-based natural health products.

A unique growing environment causes plants to produce more polyphenols, world-leading government-funded institutes have generated a rich resource of under-utilised clinical research, and the Anagenix Group has the commercial knowhow to turn bioactive discoveries into relevant products.

If your business interests are connected to health and wellbeing, you’ll want to know the full story. Read on.

Science goes to the market

Established in 2011, the Anagenix Group is a collective of New Zealand nutraceutical companies that are responding innovatively to the global need for natural digestive health solutions. Each member company has a specific role to play in providing proven New Zealand bioactives to forward-thinking nutritional supplement and functional food businesses around the world.

The commercial link between New Zealand science and the world

Creation of the Anagenix Group was inspired by the need for a commercialisation link between ground-breaking New Zealand science and the world market. New Zealand has a strong heritage of discovery and development in the natural bioactive arena, led by government and private research organisations that focus on uses for New Zealand’s superior horticultural and marine products.

Working with leading research organisations

The Anagenix Group only works with products that are backed up by robust scientific evidence. This commitment has led to the formation of mutually-beneficial partnerships that create connections between research and commercialisation. Currently we have active partnerships with Plant & Food Research, Callaghan Innovation, Liggins Institute, High-Value Nutrition Challenge, the National Science Challenge, Bioresource Processing and a number of New Zealand universities and Crown Research Institutes.

Deploying New Zealand’s unique point of difference

Underpinning the intent of the Anagenix Group is New Zealand’s extraordinary growing environment. Located in the isolated south-west corner of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand has elevated UV levels that stimulate a defence mechanism in land and marine plants, ultimately resulting in significantly higher levels of polyphenols than found in the same/similar cultivars from other geographical locations.

An NZTE Focus 500 company

The Anagenix Group is actively building distribution networks in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. In 2014 we were approved as a Focus 500 company by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. We were also ranked #53 on Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500 for 2014.

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Purpose, vision and values


To deliver branded, scientifically-supported ingredients for people who are seeking better health. Anagenix was established to respond to growing worldwide demand for natural nutraceutical and food and beverage ingredients that offer proven health benefits.


Our vision is to be a leading New Zealand natural ingredients enterprise, supplying ingredients made from plant crops or marine resources that are underpinned by science, enjoy market demand and deliver real health benefits to consumers.


Credible Science

Our connections to the science community are a critical component of our business model.

New Zealand Origins

We source all our primary ingredients from New Zealand sustainable resources.


We are committed to environmental and social good by applying best practice and encouraging a culture of responsibility in all that we do.


We foster diverse expertise through world-leading virtual teams.


We take pride in producing results that fulfil our promises to customers, staff, partners, shareholders and international markets.


We blend disciplines and talents by building open, supportive and diverse teams.

Group Structure


Established in 2011, the Anagenix Group partners with leading scientific research organisations to commercialise new products that are based on New Zealand bioactives.


Anagenix International Markets manages the Anagenix Groups's portfolio of ingredient brands and products. This role includes identifying markets, developing product specifications and establishing sales agreements.

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Anagenix IP is responsible for the IP protection, licence and contracting for the Anagenix Group.


Biogenix is the innovation arm of the Anagenix Group working directly with New Zealand scientific research organisations to develop and test commercially-viable products based on existing science.

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